Osage Orange, Hedge Apple (maclura pomifera)

From fencing to bows and floral arrangements. The perfect living hedge tree, capable of out-lasting any installed fence and the natural solution for protecting your yard or acreage from garden eating predators. Widely planted to make cattle fences before the barbed wire boom of the late 1800s, the branches are armed with stout, straight spines and the trees were tightly spaced and high, to keep horses and deer from jumping over, bulls from pushing through, and hogs from wiggling in. Named after the Osage Indians, the extremely durable, strong, flexible, yellow wood was harvested for used for bows by the native tribes and is now prized for railway ties and fence posts. This versatile tree produces a unique fruit that is bumpy in appearance with a slight citrus fragrance and is considered inedible due to its dry texture. While the fruit is not poisonous, the seeds are edible part and this typically soft-ball sized, yellow-green fruit, is often collected and used in exotic floral arrangements.

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